5 Ways to have a Sustainable Wardrobe

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Glad that we are all in 2020 trying to shift to a sustainable living. Here are few tips that you can use to convert or make sure your wardrobe is sustainable.

1. Organize your Wardrobe

When you make sure that your wardrobe has an arrangement, you will be able to clearly differentiate the clothes that you use regularly and the ones you don't. Eg: What is out of fashion, what is new and special, Which are the ones you use for party , festivals etc. This helps us to figure out clothes that are out of fashion and which we can give away.

2. Tailor. Up-cycle. Repurpose.

You always have clothes that are your favourite, which you do not want to let go very easily even after a small damage. For such clothes, make sure you can re work on them, give a new look and use it as a new fashion statement. In few cases, you can also repurpose and make it into different products that you can have in memory of your favourite cloth!! Learn to tailor, up-cycle your clothes.

3. Care for your clothes

Take care of your existing clothes. Make sure you do the necessary maintenance of the garment based on the material in which it is made. Did you know each material has different ways to extend its longevity? Learn more in our Fashion Design Course.

4. Choose your fabric wisely

When you shop for new clothes, make sure you pick fabrics that have long lasting life and are sustainable in nature. Half your problems are resolved when you pick wisely. Do you know what are the fabrics best for your cloth? Learn more in our Fashion Design Course.

5. Less is More

Finally, shifting to minimalism will help you have less clothes as well as use them in the longer run. Have less clothes, save a lot of time! Make sure you buy new clothes only when you get rid of an old one. You can also think of swapping clothes with your friends/ family.

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